1932: Plenty to see (with some cool 19th century pics)

Finally, I’ve made a start on 1932. The first big trial the year was the snowbound Colmore Cup; you’ll find a report and pics, along with coverage of the TT (Stanley Woods did the double), the ISDT (Britain did the double), the Senior Manx Grand Prix (the wettest Manx race on record) and the Southport sand races (which sorted out which marque was top dog). There are a number of new models including, shock/horror, a Douglas single. I’ve also started on the backlog of pics received from my amigo Francois, starting with some wonderful images from 1896, 1898 and 1900.

“The enclosure of the engine, and the deep tank and large brakes, give the new 150cc Douglas an extremely pleasing appearance.”

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