Not much to see under 1957 yet but this story was too good to leave in the waiting room…

HAVING MADE THE AWESOME 4.5-litre MSS in 1949, Polish ace bike builder Stanisław Skura came up with a more conventional project, the MSS (Motocykl Stanisław Skura) 500—a 500cc single. Aluminium from the original MSS was recycled to produce the swinging-arm frame, forks, mudguards, engine enclosure and engine. It ran on 16in car wheels. Unlike the original MSS the MSS 500 survived, and was last seen in public at a classic bike show at Topacz Castle in Kobierzyce near Wroclaw in 2012. No other information comes to hand so here are some pics sans captions…

1957 MSS 500
1957 MSS 500 2
1957 MSS 500 3
1957 MSS 500 4
1957 MSS 500 5

Scooter and mopeds imports rose to 69,000 and 38,000 respectively; the British industry produced 29,000 and 17,500.

AMC replaced its Jampot rear suspension units with slimmer Girling units that became known as ‘Candlesticks’.

BSA sold the Sunbeam marque to Raleigh Industries. Alas, the proud Sunbeam name was used on a range of kiddies’ bicycles and tricycles.