Honda sold 5,082 bikes in the US.

The Kawasaki Aircraft Company bought a share of Meguro, which had bought a licence to build copies of the BSA A7 ohv 500 vertical twin and needed the cash to put it into production as the Meguro K model.

Japanese motorcycle manufacturers wisely used local buisiness to promote their exports (the war wasn’t that long ago after all) and Suzuki went a step further by getting AMC to represent them in Britain. AMC was doubtless tempted by the thought of reliable lightweights to expand sales through their dealers.

In ACU-observed trials a Triumph Tigress and BSA Sunbeam scooter covered 1,837 trouble-free miles from John o’ Groats to Land’s End in 52hr 20min, averaging better than 100mpg. The 250s were joined by a 175cc version.

James launched a scooter but BSA killed off the Dandy, having made about 17,000.