BOHMERLAND MOTOR CYCLES were made in Czechoslovakia from 1925-39; they included four-seaters with two gearboxes which were some of the most remarkable motor cycles ever made (you’ll find them pictured in 1925). And now Bohmerland has joined the list of bygone marques to be resurrected. Having acquired the Bohmerland trademark in 2013 Czech engineer Peter Knoblock has produced a prototype of the ‘Bohmerland 21’ and plans to produce 10 machines, powered by a liquid-cooled ohv four-stroke single (complete with kickstart). Knoblock reports that seven bikes have been reserved by would-be buyers. They are expected to retail for about 1,500,000 Czech crowns (£51,000).

There is definitely a feel of the original Bohmerland in Peter Knoblock’s ‘Bohmerland 21’ (for the 21st century). The bike in the background is the prototype of an electric version with a 35kW motor and predicted range of 300-450km. Knoblock reports: “The motorcycle has speakers that can emit the sampled sound of the Böhmerland-Čechie motorcycle from 1927.” How cool is that?
2019 BOHMERLAND 21 2
Knoblock rides his prototype during a vintage bike run that included a selection of original Bohmerlands. He describes the Bohmerland as: “The marque of my heart.” (Right) The electric Bohmerland 21.