Murray’s Timelines

MY AUSSIE CHUM MURRAY, who edits the excellent A-Z of Motorcycles, is a busy man. When not riding his Guzzis (a venerable 850 le Mans and an 1100 Stone in case you were wondering) and fettling a brace of Suz T500s he edits the Western Australian Vintage MCC magazine Vintage Chatters (well worth a read by any enthusiast, even a pommy like me) and has produced oh-so-readable timelines of classic motor cycles (covering 1910-69 and 1970 onwards) which he has kindly allowed me to reproduce here. The second part is, like my timeline, a work in progress; as and when Murray finds the time to add more bikes I’ll update this page. As you’ll see it’s more of a narrative that the timeline, and it’s a great read—thanks mate. And don’t forget to follow the link to the A-Z but be warned, it’s addictive.