1914 ACU Six Days Trial: Men of Steel

Those Six Days Trials kept getting tougher. In 1914 the action was centred on Sheffield;  only half the starters were finishers. But these events were clearly improving the breed: the first and second placed marques in the team award were mainstays of the Army and RFC respectively and, as the Blue ‘Un remarked, the Western Front would be a far tougher proving ground than the Yorkshire Dales. The report includes a report on the reporter’s mount and a defence of the trial by James Norton.

1914 6DT P&M TEST

1913 Scottish Six Days Trial

OK, so the ACU Six Days Trial was tough on machine and rider alike. But a Motor Cycle staffer didn’t mince his words: “A gold medal won in the Scottish Trials is worth a great deal more than one gained in England.” Rocks, mud, precipices, breakdowns, crashes—and  women riders to show the chaps how to do it. It all awaits you in the 1913 Features section.

For the SSDT Charlie Collier rode a 1914 model Matchless-JAP complete with a three-speed countershaft gearbox and kickstart.