Roaring into the twenties

You’ll find a fair number of stories in 1920, including Britain’s first proper fuel station (but it didn’t have any petrol); a lightweight that looks more 1950 than 1920; a list of every marque in the Blue ‘Un Buyer’s Guide; a QD topbox; a bicycle powered by the rider’s weight …and a motorbike made by a chap called Guzzi. Watch this space.

“The 216cc Pullin, a machine of striking and original design.”


1914 ACU Six Days Trial: Men of Steel

Those Six Days Trials kept getting tougher. In 1914 the action was centred on Sheffield;  only half the starters were finishers. But these events were clearly improving the breed: the first and second placed marques in the team award were mainstays of the Army and RFC respectively and, as the Blue ‘Un remarked, the Western Front would be a far tougher proving ground than the Yorkshire Dales. The report includes a report on the reporter’s mount and a defence of the trial by James Norton.

1914 6DT P&M TEST