At the start of the new decade there were some 600,000 motorcyclists in the UK.

Manx Nortons appeared at the TT with double overhead cams and double-cradle, swinging-arm Featherbed frames to match their Roadholder forks. The combination of power and handling gave a hat tricks in the Junior and Senior. Production replicas were snapped up by privateers.

BSA’s 348cc B32 Gold Star was joined by the 498cc ZB34; both models gained an 8in front brake.

BMW’s first postwar flat twins were the R51 and R52. They were soon followed by the R68 – the first BMW roadster to do the ton.

Enthusiasts impressed by Triumph’s sprung hub could always snap up a Clamil spring hub which incorporated a 7in brake and, unlike the Triumph hub, relied on an external air-damped suspension unit offering 2in of suspension travel. Yours for £29 10s.