I’m obliged to my oppo George who pointed this beauty in my direction. Yes, it really is a Lamborghini but it doesn’t hail from Bologna. Boxer Bikes of Toulouse produced a lightweight ally frame (designed by Grand Prix specialist Claude For) with Fiurnales air-oil rear suspension, Devil exhaust and Gotti wheels; the brakes, inevitably, were Brembo. With a choice of 750, 900 or 1,000cc Kawasaki engines producing 90-130bhp and the bike weighing under 180kg top speed was up to 160mph. Only a handful were built—but in 2021 Lamborghini was back on two wheels. [Editor’s note: George rides a 1,000cc Yamaha Fazer which has a top speed that matches the exotic Lambo, but he rides like a girl and has never had it past 50. I blew him into the weeds on my plunger M21.]