Six Days Trial and…it’s war!

In the 1913 Features section you’ll find  coverage of the ACU Six Days Trial that sowed the seeds for the ISDT. It was tough enough for riders to complain and vote over strike action. Things got pretty heated but within a few months that all seemed trivial—turn to 1914 for tales of motor cycle enthusiasts  leading the charge to the front line. Before long despatch riders were having poignant letters published in The Motor Cycle.

1913’s open for business

That’s another year covered in some detail; look out for the first electric-start bike (from Hendee, of course); the Pope arrived in London, closely followed by Messrs Harley and Davidson; ladies formed their own bike club…and so much more. Features will be forthcoming on the TT, the first ISDT and the Scottish six days which was, as poor Jake de Rosier might have put it, no tea party. You’ll also find a rather charming Christmas story and excerpts from a less charming story but with it comes a smashing Crosby illustration.  Enjoy.

Welcome to the 19th century

When this timeline came on line the ‘pre-history’ section was light on illustrations; no longer. From the Big Bang (well, from a teensie fraction of a second thereafter) to 1899, the pictures are in place with 1900-1906 to be sorted next; the years 1907-1912 are already illustrated. Crazy modernists among you will find plenty of text and some illustrations for the 1920s and ’30s with a full complement of pics to follow. Enjoy.

Latest additions

You’ll find that 1912 is now covered in some detail with lots of pictures and plenty of features: the TT was fascinating, the lomg-distance trials were tougher than ever. The pre-history section up to 1799 has also been tidied up and illustrated. Yarns to be unearthed include a Cornish vicar being chased by a steam trike and a Jesuit priest’s toy turbine built for a Chinese emperor’s nipper. And that’s not the half of it.