Another day, another rabbit hole.

Yes, I know, it’s time to press on with a review of 1932. But no sooner had I finished a hugely enjoyable excursion back to 1904 than I came across some fascinating details of the first TT. If you’d care to take a gander at the updated ‘first TT’ feature in (when else?) 1907, you’ll find a detailed post-race report courtesy of the Blue ‘Un’s ‘special correspondent’ and a forgotten footnote of history—it seems Rem Fowler never got his trophy. Fortunately his clubmates rallied round with a rather fine silver hip flask that’s been bought for £25,000 and is now safe in Manxland. As soon as I’ve uploaded another batch of pics to the Melange and sorted out some extra stories that have come to hand from 1930 I really will get to grips with 1932.

Rem Fowler, wearing the spare inner tube he would fit during the race, pictured with James Norton. This being the Tourist Trophy, the Norton is equipped with mudguards, registration plate and horn. After the event James claimed half of Rem’s prize money.

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