Back to the beginning

The review of 1932 is, for now, just about complete apart from a few pics and some more ads. I’ve been busy adding pics up to and including the Great War and making a start on the hundreds of pics awaiting publications dans Le Melange (merci Francois). And, inevitably, I’ve been planning to move on to 1933—but not yet awhile. First, looking for caption material on one of Francois’ pics, I came across a lengthy report on the 1905 “Tour de France pour motocyclettes”. Then, in on old issue of the Association of Pioneer Motorcyclists excellent journal I found a smashing review of the motor cycling scene culled from an 1898 American cyclists’ magazine. Fair enough, a couple days’ work and back, or forward, to 1933. Thing is, late April brings the annual Stafford classic bike show, which features a Bonhams auction of motor cycle treasures. No harm in a little window shopping, I thought; why not press my nose against the window of the auction website? Which is how come I’ve just spent the kids’ inheritance on four volumes of Motor Cycling, covering 1902-4. Never one to fight temptation I’ve turned my back on the ’30s—for as long as it takes the timeline will be strictly Edwardian (apart from batches of Francois’ pics of course). Excited? I’m positively tremulous.

Giuppone on the Peugeot he rode to second place in the 1905 Tour de France.

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