1931’s in the bag

Yes I know, I keep saying I’ve finished a year and then I keep finding more yarns and pics. But for now, at least, 1931 is completed (apart from a handful of pics which will turn up in Le Melange in due. Before moving on to 1932 I’ll make some inroads into the hundreds of pics from mon ami Francois’ endless archive which are bursting out of my ‘in’ box. They include some gorgeous pre-WW1 colour postcards and ads and so very much more. I’ve also unearthed a 1904 issue of The Blue ‘Un which is bursting with great yarns; there are additions to the A-Z to be sorted out and…you get the picture. As material is sorted and uploaded I’ll mention it here. Do entertain yourself in 1931 while I try to catch up.

“An athletic man in good training can develop about one-seventh bhp over short periods…” (Right) “During that minute he will have moved that weight…563 feet…yet our plucky motor cycle does not think over much of it.”

One thought on “1931’s in the bag

  1. Things have changed since 1931 and now I have a GPS based app. to measure my power output whilst cycling. Over a fifth of a bhp for an hour or so and two thirds bhp for a short burst! Loving reading the Timeline. Many thanks for your efforts.


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