1930: Second dose

It’s official: the first Junior Manx Grand Prix was the wettest, murkiest, slipperiest Manx race to date. Great yarn though. Rudges were strutting their stuff big time. Ixion penned a superlative analysis of the British bike industry as displayed at Olympia, while his Northern team-mate Wharfedale made some observations on motor cycle design and maintenance that still ring true. Of course we’re saying hello to the first Squariel and the Matchless V4, but you’ll also find word of a Scott 650 vertical twin and a roadtest of Scott’s 300cc single. The test of the Panther Model 100 will have every Panther owner, me included, grinning with pride. There’s loads of bikes, loads of races, loads of off-road jollity and much more to come. I’m enjoying 1930, hope you are too.

Joe Wright took a ride at 150mph.

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