Getting back to 1927

Isn’t it wonderful when plans don’t come to fruition? I was about to get stuck in to expanding the yarns in 1928 when I realised I’d overlooked a load of material for 1927. That’s being added now, and a large number of pics and adverts have been added to most years up to 1914. The melange and artwork pages have also been expanded. And that’s in addition to sorting out a new rear tyre for the combo and, the weather being clement for the time of year, putting in a few miles on the Sportster. Meanwhile Francois in Thailand has been sending in some fine images for 1928 and my old oppo Bill has been sorting out 1928 pics from his extensive archive in Manxland including some fab TT shots. Where would we be without our mates?

This colourful illustration, which has a Stateside look to it, dates from 1910.

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