Richard Küchen: A designer of note

Just uploaded to the Gallimaufry, some notes on the career of one of Germany’s most prolific, and most successful, designers of engines and complete motor cycles. At one point he was responsible for half of all German proprietary engines. In three decades of unremitting work he came up with everything from 50cc tiddlers to the mighty Zundapp two-wheel-drive combos used so effectively by the German army in World War two. Sidevalves, ohv, ohc; singles, twins, fours; two-strokes, four-strokes: Küchen did the lot.

Küchen designs included the 1933 Zündapp flat-four and the 1940 Zündapp KS750.

3 thoughts on “Richard Küchen: A designer of note

  1. I am new, I believe this is just my second try to join the “community”.
    I am NOT on Facebook nor Twitter.
    I am belgian, living in Germany. I published on the french forum Caradisiac a little review of the “flat 4”: Zundapp, FN, Wooler, …


    Yves Beguin


      1. Tk You, Richard.
        I believe my first try to join few weeks ago, failed, no matter.
        After this hotmail-gmail message, I tried again a “Reply” on your blog (using “WorldPress” plateform, yes?). And this time, I hope it passed!? I say that I made a little review on unconventional old “flat 4”: Zundapp, FN militaire, Wooler, and I ? believe also the “Jones”.
        I am NOT a geek, and I have a very weak PC end internet connexion. “Mais a part ca, tout va très bien, Madame la Marquise!”.
        PS: Richard, I don’t know you (yet), but your prolific documentation and talent to “tell” the so-called “little story” of oldies is just bluffing me !



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