1927: That’s a wrap, for now

This timeline is in a constant state of flux but, for now at least, 1927 is about as complete as it’s going to get (apart from a large number of cool adverts which I plan to upload over the next few days). You’ll find a report on the Olympia show with some interesting new models—this was a year of change with saddle tanks bursting out all over, with a growing number of ohv and even ohc roadsters. Before moving on to 1928 I’ll get stuck into at least a small part of the hundreds of excellent images received from my chum Francois; there are also some articles to be added to the A-Z gallimaufry including a major German motor cycle designer I hadn’t heard of till Francois put me on his track. Back in the real world the combo needs some tlc for the rigours of an island winter, the MZ still needs her new kickstart and a ride on the Sporty would be nice. Writing about bikes is fun; playing with them is better, n’est ce pas?

The world-class British motor cycle industry strutted its stuff at Olympia; George Brough showed off with a V4 in a glass case.

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