1927: Two items you won’t find.

While browsing a 1927 copy of the Blue ‘Un words and pics for 1927 I came across a smashing poem by a lad who had clearly read some Kipling and No26 in the ‘Motor Cycles of Long Ago’ series: a pic of the first OEC. Here’s the first stanza of the poem, you’ll find it in full at the bottom of the Poetry page, where you’ll find a selection of delightful ditties and charming illustrations. A tarted up version of the OEC pic with another showing the builder on his creation awaits your attention in 1901.
When we’ve ridden out our guarantee, and several thousand more,
And the mileage on the dial is running high,
Then the human engine seizes, or a.piston starts to score,
Or a frame breaks, and we settle down and die,
And the next stage (experts tell us) is a region bright and fair;
But is there room for trusty steeds besides?
When the hero reached Valhalla, did he find his charger there?
Shall we meet the old machines we used to ride?


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