Images of Yesteryear—c’est complet!

I was adding a couple of pics to Part 5 of the Images of Yesteryear section yesterday (from the 1926 Paris-Nice trial in case you wondered) when I realised that I hadn’t told you the entire series of seven chapters has for some time been on line and awaiting your attention. What you’ll find are a photo-essays courtesy of my esteemed chum Jean-Francois, originall;y published in the excellent They include a history of the earliest days of roadracing, an entrancing selection of motor cycling postcards, women on bikes through the years and a great deal else besides. While Jean-Francois could not have been more generous in supplying me with hundreds of images from his archives, he understandably kept some of the very best for his Images of Yesteryear. Inevitably there’s an overlap with the timeline and it matters not a jot. If you’re a motor cycle obsessive grab your favourite brew and get stuck in. You’re in for a treat.


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