Filling in the gaps

As well as pushing on into the mid 1920s and uploading more pics to the Melange (merci encore, Fanfan) I’ve been pottering about, adding a selection of titbits for your delectation. Among which are (in 1904) a colour image of a Rex to brighten up the show report and an action shot of Griffon Ace Demester taking a sharp right during the Coupe International; (in 1906) a fine study of Zenith Gradua inventor Fredie Barnes “un noveau champion de la motorcyclette” on the cover of La Vie au Grand Air (you’ll also find a La Vie cover depicting the gorgeous Gordon Bennett trophy); and (in 1911) a couple of extra Senior TT pics including Hary Collier crossing the line behind those damned Indians and, because it was a particularly dramatic race, the full Senior results list. Also, I just remembered, there’s a pic of Rollie Free in his swimming trunks. You know it makes sense.

1911-1948: a cartoonist’s fantasy made real.

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