1925-2019: A tale of two Bohmerlands

Having started updating the stories in 1925 I was happily engaged in sorting out some pics of the glorious Czech Bohmerland when I came across the Bohmerland 21, a resurrected “Bohmerland for the 21st century” which, unlike the reserrected Jawas, is produced in the Czech Republic. You’ll find pics in 2019. Also in 1925 you’ll find a report on the TT, including mention of a scarily close shave. Pics will be added soon with more stories and pics to follow. And, while I think of it, Happy New Year. My resolutions incolve a 1936 Panther M100, a 1952 BSA Golden Flash and a 1971 MZ ES250/2. May your motor cycling resolutions come to pass.

Czech out these Bohmerlands! (I know, it’s a pisspoor pun but it’s late and I’m knackered).

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