Merry Boxing Day!

Just uploaded to the 1911 features list: The Motor Cycling Club’s Boxing Day Run, which took 100 hardy souls from London to Exter and back. Uploading it even inspired me to get off my backside, still suffering from a Christmas surfeit, and go for a ride. It’s a great yarn, including personal reminiscences from the likes of Dreadnought builder and rider Oily Karslake who concluded: “Every man who has won a medal thoroughly deserves it.” I’ve also been adding lots of pics to Le Melange and to most years from 1910-23 as well as unearthing details of what happened to the The Shilovsky Gyrocar in 1912 and the 4.5-litre V-twin MSS in 1949. And the Gallimaufry, which has been sadly neglected, is about to gain a few words on the Demon of Antwerp (look under O for Olieslagers; yet another ripping yarn).

Boxing Day 1911: “A study in winter motor cycling equipment. The competitors are HG Dixon (New Hudson), JA Neumann (TriumpH), and Roy W Walker (New Hudson).”

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