Winter rallies, superbikes and Edwardians on show.

Hardy rallyists braved blocked passes in Wales and bitter cold in the Eifel mountains to drink, tall tall tales, sing their hearts out and mourn missing friends. Motor Cycle staffers joined them at the Dragon and Elephant Rallies. Indians were reborn with plans for a range stretching from 50s to an ohc 1,200cc four. Kawasaki upped the ante with a 500 triple—and Honda changed everything with the awesome CB750. Take a look at 1969 for this and much more (including the ticket collector who was given an Ariel) then back up a year where two of the finest roadtesters on the planet reviewed a year’s worth of bikes from the mighty Rocket 3s to the cute Suzuki B100P. After which do pop back to 1904 for a show report and an essay on one of the hot topics of the day: were motor cycles better off with or without pedals? That’s a lot of new copy. I’m going for a lie down.

The M120 left the party as the CB750 arrived. Which would you have bought?

2 thoughts on “Winter rallies, superbikes and Edwardians on show.

  1. I’m guessing the ‘Motor Cycle’ correspondent who attended the snow-bound Dragon rally was you, Dave. A tip of the helmet to yez – I never braved it.


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