Continental capers

Just uploaded to 1905 you’ll find reports on roadraces in France, Belgium and Italy with some excellent pics of the top riders, notably the all-conquering Peugeot team. It seems our Continental chums even had races for touring machines, designed to imprive the durability of roadsters. And this was two years before the first TT. Who knew?

As these snaps show, Giosuè Giuppone took his racing seriously. The Turin Moto Club’s organised the Turin-Colle Serstrieres 87km mountain climb to help develop durable touring machines. The event attracted a dozen entries in the Touring Class from Peugeot, Zedel, Primus, Puch, Fafnir and FN. There was also a single 50kg racer ridden by Giuppone who stormed to victory in 2hr 1min.

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