More latest additions

There’s always more to do. Just added, Signore Bernadini’s 1884 trike and 1893 motor cycle (he also patented an Otto-engine before Daimler). In 1900 you’ll find a befurred young lady in a Levasor & De Boise three-wheeler and the pre-AJS Stevens boys with the bike that Harry built. Forward to 1903 for the Stevens forecar and Wolvoe’s first woman motor cyclist (inevitably from the Stevens clan), with mention of her naughty little sister. Meanwhile some fab pics from the voluminous archive of mon ami Francois will be appearing in 1885, 1895, 1896, 1897, 1900…etc. Not to mention additions to the pic mix. No wonder it’s taking so long to revamp and illustrate 1925. But as my GS850 combo is no longer doing her Torrey Canyon impression (thanks Rick) I’m a happy bunny. And I hope you are too. Ride safe, be well.

Enrico Bernardi with his daughter Pia, after whom he named his engine, and his son Lauro.

2 thoughts on “More latest additions

  1. Speaking fondly of the Stevens clan and using Wolvoe?  I suspect you, Sirrah, of being a West Midlander!  🙂 Maxx


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