1922: Tales of lids and leapers

1922 is turning out to be full of interest. Yarns uploaded today include the definitve story of the invention of the skidlid; an Edinburgh Trial competitor who ended up with hare on his face; a banking sidecar on test; a Harley with sidecar-wheel drive and a hill so steep that bikes were lowered back down on a rope. And we’re only half way through the year. It definitely beats 2020.

“The motor cyclist who carries a camera on his jaunts certainly adds to his pleasures by obtaining records of his journeyings, but possibly the artist’s pleasures are even greater, for the slightest of sketches carry more meaning—to the artist—than the best of photographs.”


2 thoughts on “1922: Tales of lids and leapers

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      The headings at the top of the page include ‘TIMELINE’, there’s a drop down menu showing decades; each decade has a drop down list of years. Hope that helps.
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