1922: Things are getting a little weird

More stories and pics are being added from 1922 including roadtests of the four-valve Ricardo Triumph, Harley’s 4hp flat twin and a brace of Brough Superiors; some extremely whimsical Ixionisms; a reader asking advice on a ‘subterrabrain waveium’; details of straight-six, four-pot two-stroke and radial-three engines; plans for an indoor garage; musical accompaniment at Brooklands; and a music hall artiste balancing a running Duggie (with rider) on his teeth. It’s going to be a busy year.

1922 LOW4 BIKE
“Offside of the Low four-cylinder machine, showing the enclosed transmission and the speedometer drIve from the propeller-shaft…the clutch is controlled by the left Bowden lever and the front brake by the right Bowden lever. The left-hand pedal controls the back brake and the right-hand one the clutch, for which there is a dual control. The change speed lever will be noticed adjacent to the top tube.”

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