1900: Hands across the sea

That wonderful American website archive.org has, among its countles files, some volumes of that wonderful American magazine The Bicycling World and Motocycle Review, one of which covers part of 1900. As a result the entry for 1900 has tripled in size; fascinating yarns include a report on Oscar Hedstrom riding the prototype Indian—before it was called an Indian—the launch of the Merkel, the three-cylinder radial steam-powered Abel, the 3hp Patee tandem, the Marsh,  Holley, Hampden, Regas, Fleming…not to mention debutante’s at the Paris show including La Centaure, La Victoire, La Salvator and the Boillod with an in-line twin motor mounted head downwards on its carrier. There’s also engaging coverage of the nascent English and French industries from a colonial point of view (including the arrival of the Singer) and much else besides. Well worth a look. And now I will get back to trawling through a 1921 volume of The Motor Cycle but will doubtless be tempted back to Bicycling World. Not to mention the usual hours in the garage. Lock-down, esteemed reader, need hold no fears for a motor cycle obsessive. Be well.

“Fred Patee, the head of the company, and Joshua Morris, the inventor of the motor, Patee being the man with the dimples, at the rear of the machine.”

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