TT, E2E runs and dealing with dogs

While the ‘pre-history’ section of the timeline is reasonably complete the rest of the site is very much a work in progress, particularly when it comes to pictures. As a taste of things to come you might care to look at 1907-1911 which are reasonably commplete; the first of many contemporary features have been added. In 1911, for example, you’ll find a wide ranging review of the TT, including some contemporary letters; a report on the subsequent races between Charlie Collier and Jake de Rosier–the first Transatlantic Trophy; a roadtest of a Douglas and the history of the End-to-End runs, six-day mileage records and a 3,500-mile jaunt round the coast.

The sections on cartoons and poetry are also well under way; believe it or not before the Great War poetry about bikes was rather good. No, really! The latest addition is a poignant ode by a stranded competitor in a long-distance trial.

If you’ve ever been chased by a tyre biting dog check out the1903  feature on how to hurt our canine chums; also in the 1903 features collection you’ll find a large collection of ‘sparklets’: hints and tips including a warning against tourning your motor cycle upside down to fix a puncture.


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