1929…and there’s more!

Having, as I thought, completed my review of motor cycling in 1929, I was putting the handful of 1929 copies of the Blue ‘Un and Green ‘Un from my collection back on the shelf when I came across a show issue of The Motor Cycle. New bikes, accessories and examples of riding gear were duly added, along with a couple of excellent features including sound advice on surviving winter from Wharfedale and a charming piece on motor cycling clobber for ladies. Magic. Time out to tinker with the bikes and on to 1930. Then Peter Whitaker from Old Bike Australasia sent me a great yarn about John Gill and Phil Irving’s trek across Canada on Gill’s HRD-Vincent combo. And for good measure he included the tale of two heroes who lapped Australia on a Harley combo. Nice one, Peter. But now, I hope, I can try and sort out the kickstart assembly on my MZ and move on to the post-vintage era. See you there

“…The Vincent was hitched to the car, leaving the Indian at the end of the line.”

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